Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

“Terri Berceli is the hardest working talent agent in Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding areas! Our son was in a P&G everyday commercial and she was on set supporting the talent and was very involved. She is great with kids! Our 5 year old at the time had a blast on set! He also loves Terri!  I also run a company with almost 1 million moms called Crock Pot Moms and when we film she is always available to provide talent if we need it.  When I think of a hard worker who is passionate for what they do I think of Terri Berceli. We love working with the agency!”
Lisa K.  –  CEO of Crock Pot Moms

“No matter what the circumstances are, you can count on Terri to be all in. I admire her enthusiasm, drive and eagerness to work with me…and I especially love that Terri is always working.  I book a lot of talent…and I book them all with Terri.”
Harry G.  –  Harry Giglio Productions

“We have worked with Terri Berceli for many years and will continue to use her agency for all of our future needs.  TB Talent always comes thru in every aspect. Terri is very through with all of her work and is someone we can truly depend on. Being in the direct marketing business, it is a necessity for our photo images to really “sell” our products. Terri has done her homework getting to know us and our needs. We can always rely on TB Talent to send us the perfect “Cover Models”.  All of her models are totally professional, have the best personalities and are a pleasure to work with! She truly finds the diamonds in the rough in modeling for the Pittsburgh area. We love working with TB Talent!”
Julie B.  –  Marketing and Talent Coordinator for The Wig Company

“Terri has always been helpful, gracious and open to helping with every project, no matter how large or small. What I have found refreshing is that she never said never!  When other agencies just said something was impossible,Terri instead said “Let’s solve the problem.” It’s what you want and need to hear when casting a part.”
Cody K.  –  Producer/Director Principalities of Darkness LLC 

“I am honored to be represented by TB Talent & Casting.  Terri Berceli’s professionalism and attention to detail is impeccable.It’s great to work with someone who just gets it.”
Diane M.  –  Diane Merritt Voice Overs 

“The level of excitement and commitment that TB Talent & Casting brings to a project is so refreshing. No matter the budget Terri Berceli is always committed to helping us achieve our goals when it comes to models and TV Commercial talent.  Terri not only makes it to the shoots but pays very close attention to detail.  The years of experience that Terri brings to a project reflects in all aspects; from working with various talents and personalities, to hair, makeup and wardrobe.   Her  energy and knowledge is so helpful and appreciated when working at a fast pace with varying budgets.  When we are casting for a model or on camera talent, Terri always provides us with many many options for consideration.   Terri makes the process flow very smoothly as she knows which talent will be appropriate for which project.  TB Casting, thank you for your positive attitude and professionalism by bringing us wonderful talent and your willingness to work with us in helping NorthShoreStudios bring many projects in on time and on budget.  We look forward to working together for many years ahead.”
Bruce K.  –  President of NorthShoreStudios

“If you want the hardest working talent agent in the business then Terri Berceli is your answer! She is the best and we love working with her and her talent! She has helped us cast commercial talent last minute on numerous occasions.  She has a huge talent pool and she always makes the perfect recommendations.  We love working with TB Talent!”
Mia C.  –  CEO of Television Ad Group

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Terri Berceli as a Casting Director. Terri has provided talent for 6 Network TV series for me over the past 4 years. When I put my first film into theaters C ME DANCE I called on Terri and she provided us with everything we needed. Terri cares about her people and she takes care of them as if they are family.”

“I started coming to TB Talent & Casting a little over 2 years ago and it has changed my life. I have never met a casting director so invested into her performers and genuinely cares for them. I started interning with Terri a few months ago and have learned more and more at her workshops every weekend! If you are able to get to an audition or workshop, DO IT! She tells it like it is and you will never be disappointed! I swear by her work.”
Jordann V.  –  Talent

“I have only lived in Pittsburgh for 8 months, and TB Talent and Casting was the first agency that I reached out to. Within two days of sending in my information, Terri requested me for a commercial. Upon arrival to the set, Terri immediately greeted me and introduced herself. That left a huge impression on me, and made me feel instantly comfortable. Since then, Terri has never been short of wonderful. She goes out of her way to make her talents feel welcomed. She provides an acting workshop where she gives aspiring actors and actresses tips and tricks of making yourself noticeable and good on camera. She also gives a fantastic model workshop, giving pointers on how to walk down a runway and on camera. What I love most about working with Terri is that she always takes the time to work with every talent that walks through her door. She works mostly in Commercial and Print, and holds open casting calls 2x a month and Reaches out to you personally if she hasn’t seen you in the studio in a while. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her.”
Delaney H.  –  Talent

“Terri is an outstanding talent and casting agent. She has 25+ years in the entertainment business as an agent and is well represented in her profession. She does wonders for her talent from the novice/beginner to the well-experienced with casting. Terri has a great personality and is a lot of fun to work with!!”
Jan M.  –  Talent

“Terri is a great lady to know and work with! She has a lot of knowledge of the business and I have learned a lot from her!”
Christina C.  –  Talent

“I have been working with TBTalent for years booking talent for filming TV commercials. They always have the talent I need for every project whether I need models for beauty products or an oddball actor to portray a character.”
Ellen O.  –  Senior Production Manager for Television Ad Group

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