Extensive Modeling and Acting Training Sessions – Learn the Industry to get prepared for Working On-Camera - Get Trained on How to be Camera Ready at ALL Times – Get Trained on how to Work On-Camera for Print - Runway – Promotional Modeling – Stage – Public Appearances - Voice Overs - TeleVision – Film and TV Commercials.


You will get training to learn what it takes to move forward in this business & ace the audition !


Having over 40+ yrs. experience in this business I look forward to training & teaching you how to be on-camera ready at all times & bring out the best in you as talent so you will be ready for the bookings!

I will be teaching a 3 hour intensive workshop in front of the camera & the cameras are always on!


Acting Techniques

  • Camera for TV Commercial & Commercial Auditions
  • Auditioning scenes & sides for films, movies, and TV commercials
  • Choosing the correct film scripts and sides
  • Monologues to audition with timing and delivery
  • Correct camera angles
  • Training for on-camera acting techniques
  • Learn the correct walking techniques for scenes on-camera
  • Voice projection
  • Voice lessons
  • Camera and stage prescence
  • Personal style & walk
  • Acting on stage vs. on camera


Modeling Techniques

  • Get trained on the runway
  • Model posing
  • Learn correct model stance
  • Modeling turns
  • Get trained for walking on camera and stage
  • Learn scripts and camera angles for spokes model TV commercials and auditions
  • Models on-camera for film and TV
  • Pageant coaching


OR anything else you want to learn about the business - I take requests !!

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